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With our branches in New Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore, Oasis Resource Management cover the whole Indian market which makes it easier for you to get in contact with us easily. Not only Indians, but we also receive queries from international clients making us all the more productive as well as one of the leading consultants. Our mission lies in making your immigration hassle free. Having expertise in a wide range of services like permanent residency visa, education abroad, work permits, we provide job assistance overseas. All in all we help you in working, travelling, and settling abroad permanently. We at Oasis provide you with an easy path for The Great American Green Card via the EB-5 Visa. Get the permanent residence in US for you and your immediate family members with the investment with the respective govt.

Don't Hesitate! Take the plunge with us.

With the success rate of more than 85%, our main objective lies in satisfying the clients with our efficient immigration services. We strive hard for your benefit.

Being in touch with national as well as international lawyers, we are recognized as one of the leading consultants for immigration services. Registered with the Govt. of India, we are licensed to provide you with the best of the services under the eye of the respected body.

Visa's we offers:

Investment Visa

  • - US EB-5
  • - UK TIER-I
  • - Dubai Investment Visa
  • - NZ Investment Visa
  • - Ireland Immigration Investment

Permanent Resident Visa

  • - Express Entry
  • - Canada Federal Skilled Worker
  • - Australia Sub Class 189
  • - Danish Green Card
  • - Austria Red-White-Red Card
  • - Germany EU Blue Card
  • - New Zealand Skilled migrant

PNP/State Nominee Visa

  • - Australia Sub Class 190
  • - Canada PNP Program
  • - Canada Quebec
  • - Canada Nova Scotia (NSNP)
  • - Canada Saskatchewan (SINP)
  • - Canada Morden

Student Visa

  • - Australia Study Visa
  • - Canada Student Visa
  • - Denmark Study Visa
  • - New Zealand Study Visa
  • - USA Curricular Practical Training

Family Visa

  • - Australia Dependent Visa
  • - Australia Partner Skilled Assessment
  • - Canada Dependent Visa
  • - Canada Startup Visa

Tourist Visa

  • - Australia Visitor Visa
  • - Denmark Schengen Visa
  • - Canada Visitor Visa
  • - USA B1/B2

Work Visa

  • - Hong Kong Quality Migrant Admission Scheme
  • - Germany Job Seeker Visa
  • - South Africa Critical Skill Visa

We are conveniently located near you Visit or Call us today! 08368778781, 09920276137
Website - https://www.oasis-india.com


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